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Another visual anomaly

As I said before, I’m just recording these in case it becomes a trend.

I was just vacuuming of all things.  Walking past a dark brown cabinet, I came to the end of it and the far, narrow edge was at about a 45 degree angle in my vision.  I wasn’t looking at the angle but rather in front if it.  I’d say the angle was in the lower right quarter of my vision.  The background was an off white of the carpet and wall.

As I went past it seemed like there were multiple edges and it stuttered slightly.  Because I wasn’t looking right at it it immediately caught my attention.  Once I started looking at it though, I couldn’t replicate it.

I’m not particularly tired, although I’d say I’m morning tired.  We’re running around the house getting things cleaned up for my Sister’s Baby Shower later today.  Not a high degree of stress, or rather, nothing out of the ordinary.  I’ve had 1 cup of coffee this morning.  I also had 1 beer last night around 8pm.  That was about 12 hours ago though.  Nothing to eat yet this morning.

So, Operator, I understand it’s been a long 30 something years and you’re probably due for a break but could you at least get someone to sit in for you?  These glitches are really amateur hour!  🙂