Placed the order

I finally placed my order today!  After looking at them for a long time I finally broke down and did it.  Two things made it happen today.  The lawsuit with Shelby and the new article in Car and Driver magazine.  The lawsuit has caused lead times for delivery to really stretch out far.  I was concerned that the new article would make it worse.  Due date is 3rd week of March.  Just last week the due date was 3rd week of February!  I ordered the following options:

Roadster EFI kit
Catalytic Converters
Chrome roll bar
Chrome quick jack
battery cut off switch
rear view mirror
hood hinge
wind wings
soft top

I forgot to take my list to work with me and the web site was misbehaving so I forgot I few options:

body cutouts

I’ll call them next week and get that taken care of.  I’m a bit nervous as well as excited.  My primary focus over the next several months will be to pass the CCIE in January.  Once I get that behind me I’ll be able to start studying some of the things about building this car that concern me.  I can’t wait!  5 months is a long time.