Punting on Plex using NFS shares with Unraid, switching to SMB

No matter what I did I could not get a stable NFS connection to Unraid.  The stale file handles problem was a continuing source of issues with Plex running on Ubuntu.  I just switched to SMB and it seems to be working ok.  I’m having some pausing on high bandwidth content, but that might be the wireless network.  I’m not sure yet.  Regardless, here’s my fstab now:

// /mnt/DVDs cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8  0  0
// /mnt/KidDVDs cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8  0  0
// /mnt/Movies cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8  0  0
// /mnt/TVShows cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8  0  0

Times, they are a changing.

And yet some things stay the same.  I’m returning to IT consulting next week and I’m very excited to be doing this!  I gave the corporate job 3.5 years and while I thought it was good for getting that type of experience, it never really fit well for me.  I can’t wait to get going!


As of August 11th, 2014, I am a college graduate.  24 year senior, or something like that.  Anyway, I’m happy to be done with it, but I can’t say that it feels like much of anything.  Just need to keep moving on.

Almost there….almost there….

I just finished another semester of school.  I came very close to saying I aced it, but unfortunately I was one grade away from that.  That’s ok.  I’m in an in between week now.  On Monday my second to last class starts.  It’s a writing class, which if you can tell from looking at this blog, I don’t do a lot of.  It should be interesting, nonetheless.  In about a month I start my last class.  That one is the capstone.  The IT class that’s supposed to wrap it all up and put a bow on it.  Provided I keep the pace, I’ll “graduate” on August 10th.  UMUC doesn’t do the walk until May.  Not very likely I’ll be interested in doing that, but who knows.

More than anything I’ll be glad to have it done.  I’ve spent a lot of time in my life getting certifications.  Nothing like this though.

Just a tv show

Just watched Person of Interest. Most of the time it’s easy watching, but this episode was powerful. We’ll done. Depressing. I’ve been watching the West Wing again and find it very inspiring, even if I disagree with many of the ideas. This PoI episode though, powerful in a bad way. Makes me fearful of government, where WW inspires me. It’s interesting to see the two sides of the same coin.

Channeling Firefly

A couple of episodes ago on the Walking Dead there was a song that caught my ear. I looked it up and it was Blackbird Song by Lee Dewyze. Could be straight out of Firefly, for all you Verse lovers. Definitely worth the download.


I’ve decided to finish up college by end of Summer 2014.  This means taking a bunch of classes.  Good news is that I’m in the home stretch.  Bad news is, it’s really time consuming and not always interesting.  I’m currently writing a paper describing in excruciating detail, a PC changing from a 56k modem connection to a “broadband” connection.  This is a 400 level computer class but it feels like a computer history class.  Just felt like griping.

This is my last assignment for this semester.  I’ve already found out that I can do no better than a B in one of my other classes.  I need this to end up being an A.  My third class is on the bubble as well.  Ugh.

Back to the grind.