More body buck

Spent some time today putting the shelf on the buck.  Also managed to find enough wood for the stands.  The frame is now sitting at a close to specified ride height of 4.75″.  Reorganized the garage.  Managed to get quite a bit more space after moving some boxes around and generally cleaning up.  There’s a lip at the front of the garage which causes some problems with moving the buck in and out.  I’ll make some mini ramps at some point but for now I still haven’t figured out an easy way to do that.  Just shave and sand some small blocks I guess.  Note to future builders:  I would strongly recommend putting at least two non-swiveling casters on the buck.  All of my casters swivel and I’ve noticed that the buck likes to head off in the wrong direction when I start pushing it.  I’m always running from end to end to straighten it out.  Also had the body outside for the first extended period of time today.  I’m sure the neighbors are wondering what the heck I’m doing.  I overheard a mom telling a toddler “it’s just the top of a car” as he started running across the street to what was going on. -)   Next step is to pull off all of the aluminum and take it for anodizing.  Then I have a big decision to make.  Either knuckle down and work on getting money together for a donor or see what I can do to bide the time.  I’ve also considering going to a junkyard and starting to grab pieces as I need them.  We’ll see what happens.

Personal aside; check out the main part of my web site to hear the heartbeat of my (due in 5 months) kid!

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