Body buck wheels

Changed the wheels on the body buck.  I quickly learned that having four swiveling wheels is a bad idea.  Went out and got 2 fixed ones.  Jeremy came over and gave me a hand with taking the body off and all that.  Makes a world of difference with the 2 fixed ones on the back side!  Also took off all of the aluminum panels and photographed everything.  I figured all of the aluminum was screwed down but there were a couple of large pieces that were just sitting in there.  Next step is for the aluminum to go to an anodizer to get colored a dark purple.  I’m thinking about leaving the floor of the trunk a clear color.  I have this idea that anyone that helps with the build gets to sign the trunk with a sharpie.  I’ll also be working on finally getting the webcam set up in the garage.  Need to punch down a drop and it should be ready to go.

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