Donor tear down

For the most part I’ve completed a migration to a new server.  Got lots of space now for lots of pics.  I also migrated the pics to a new Gallery viewer.  Pretty nice little program.  Makes it really easy to manage all the pics.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been tearing down the donor.  It’s taken significantly longer than I expected.  Two weekends ago Greg Keller of came by and helped with all of the heavy lifting stuff.  We pulled the engine, tranny and rear-end that day.  Last weekend I set about taking care of the last couple of pieces and parts that are still on it.  The front suspension seemed to come out pretty easy with one gigantic exception.  NOTE! The first lower arm bolt I tried to pull, I made the mistake of turning the bolt instead of the nut.  Now the bolt is fused, bound up, whatever you want to call it, with the bushing.  It turns but won’t budge side to side.  ARGH!  All the others came out easily too!  Now I’ve got to find some way of getting it out without damaging the mounting brackets.  Also of note, the FFR instructions for donor teardown is greatly lacking.  Basically you end up unscrewing everything on the car.  There are steps where they say something like “remove the dash”.  Problem is, removing the dash requires removal of about 10 different other things and can take quite a while.  For a neophyte like myself, this is rather misleading.  While I am complaining about the lack of detail, it’s still better than others, from what I’ve heard. 

Now that I have the gallery set up I’ll be posting pictures of the donor parts.  What a nasty grimy mess.  I’m actually looking forward to making everything shiny again.  Woohoo!

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