Cleaning the rear end

Spent last weekend cleaning parts.  Mostly worked on the suspension and rear-end pieces.  I tried to scrub all of the pieces down with Super Clean first and then I hit them with a wire brush on a drill.  It’s coming along pretty nicely so far.  Mark Raidt dropped by and saw the operation for the first time.  He was nice enough to leave me his left over POR-15 and some other cleaning supplies.  Thanks Mark!  Before I start painting the POR-15 on I want to get the bushing replaced on the front lower control arm.  I might make it a goal to get the rear-end and rear control arms painted and mounted this weekend.  I’m not going to put the front suspension on until after Monday.  Monday is when John Wilkins will be dropping by to do some welding for me.  Actually, I’m going to try to do it myself with his welder and his help.  Thanks John!  I took the front upper arms out of the box and started assembling the shocks.  I think that’s my first official work on a part of the kit!   Hopefully things will start moving much faster now!

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