April was a slow month…Had to catch up on some stuff around the house now that Jacob is starting to walk.  Plus, the decision to not push it for Spring Fling has taken some of the urgency off.  The CACC held it’s first Road Rallye last weekend.  It went great and we had a blast doing it!  We are now looking towards hosting one in the fall in our neck of the woods.

Now that it’s not as urgent to get the kit done (aside from the burning desire to be able to drive it) I’ve decided to add some things that I’ve wanted to do.  I’ll just spread the cost of time so it will be easier to handle.  In the end I think I’ll be happier with it.  So, the only other adjustment to the website right now is additions to the wish list.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to get back to building!

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