Dirty, dirty engine

Spent some time Saturday cleaning the engine. It’s still not done! I’ve never seen anything so dirty in my life. It is making progress though. I think I’m going to have to take the lower intake to get it bead blasted somewhere. It’s corroded white and yellow all over. I think there were mice or birds living under the upper intake. There’s all kinds of bird seed and the yellow corrosion might not be…well….corrosion. ( I keep considering working on something else just so I’m not stuck cleaning. I think I’ll just try to keep powering through it though. After the engine is clean and painted I don’t really have anything else that’s dirty aside from the transmission which isn’t that bad. And the wiring, but that is definately waiting until I’m ready to start cutting it down.

I’m considering fabricating something like the battery tray that Breeze just announced. It would mean I could use a regular battery. Maintenance on the Dynabat has me a little concerned. Not that it should ever need it but you never know. Better to be low cost and standard.

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