I decided to not heed any warnings about replacement lenses for the GXV3672 and I looked around for a 2.8mm lens that was only 15mm deep.  I found one on Ebay and got it in within a few days.  The below pictures are before and after.  You can see the field of view is much larger now, but I’m still having a focus problem on the new one.  I doubt I’ll be able to improve it much since I was concerned about tightening it down so far that I would crack the sensor.  You can also see how the external case is vignetting the image.  I could live with that if I could get it more in focus.

So, short answer is, get the right lens to start.  I’m going to see about getting a 3610 which comes with the 3.6mm lens.  And also, I guess we need to clean the banister.  Oops.

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