After go-karting for the first time, some things have cropped up as a problem. Probably the most important thing is that the brakes felt mushy and got more mushy after just a little bit of use. I’ll have to go back and bleed them again and see if I can get them to tighten up.

The other issue is that the right front wheel is rubbing on the lower A-arm. I actually ground off a little bit of the wheel weight! I’ve been reading on that some folks have had problems with this. The solutions seems to either be to install different lowers arms or to insert some sort of stop into the steering rack. I think I’ll look into the stop first but I don’t want to limit my turning radius too much.

Other than that, things ran smoothly. Engine seems to work great. Power steering is a little loud but sure is easy to turn. It wanted to run…I can’t wait to get it out and thrash it.

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