I’ve been busy with work and haven’t been able to squeeze in much of anything else. I’ve done a couple of things like upgrading Unraid to my Pro key and swapping motherboards. In the process I discovered that at least my copy (don’t know if it’s the default behavior) decided to hang on to the MAC address from the old motherboard. That created a small problem when I put the old motherboard back into service on a different machine! Fixing it is simple, just modify the network settings on the flash drive. See my post here for the specifics.

Also, I’ve been working on getting Sage transitioned to a new PC that’ll have enough juice to run Comskip. Only problem is that it’s been flakey ever since. Random lockups, long seek times for folders. That’s what I get for running beta software. Gotta be on the bleeding edge though! On top of that I seem to have lost my meta information on the old Sage PC and all of my IMDB lookups for DVDs is gone. Argh. 300+ DVDs in there now, I think. I might have to break down and buy DVD Profiler after all. Only $30 I think.

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