Features? Give me price!

Andy Abrahmson talks about Packet8 adding features.

In my mind these are must have features and likely will stave off voluntary churn at P8 as users want applications, not just cost savings.

Pardon me for disagreeing but I want price. I want super cheap. I want almost free.

Having an Asterisk system allows me to do most of the features he mentioned in that piece plus a whole lot more. I know I’m a little different in having my own PBX in my house but I don’t think I’m that small a minority within the VoIP market. Where’s my $10/month unlimited plan for no features except PSTN access? Voicemail, got it inside. Find me, follow me, got it inside. Forward voicemail to email, got it inside. How about PSTN access through an FXO and VoIP access to other free SIP networks like Gizmo/Google Talk? Don’t think a hosted solution can do that.

Ok, so you don’t have an Asterisk in your house. Still, I think many of the second wave will switch for price and not features. My mom will not care about find me/follow me. What she’ll care about is being able to talk to her kids and grandkids for cheap.

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