I have the Urge…the Urge to pick on Microsoft again. What a lame name for a music service. I can just imagine the marketing genius that came up with that name is related to the one that designed the overly cluttered Windows commercials they’re running now. “I have the Urge to download music”…”I have the Urge to get the latest Britney Spears”… Prepare to be swamped by Urges for popcorn!

I want to say I hope the service is good because it’ll foster competition and grow the market for downloadable music. But what I’m really thinking is that iTunes will continue to clean their clocks.

One positive could be the pricing scheme MSFT goes with. I believe I saw that they will be doing multiple levels which will probably push Apple to finally implement the same. Why’s that a good thing? I truly hope the latest Top 40 garbage gets priced at $5 a song and all of the stuff I listen to will drop in price. The reality is the cheapest songs will probably still be around $1. *sigh*

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