I had quite a bit of trouble getting this to work the other day.  After some googling I came across this thread over on 6200networks.com.  I had matched up the config he had listed just by chance because I was also enabling an L2L VPN.  However, I still couldn’t get it to work.  The trick was to change the IPSEC transform set to AES-256.  After that it was smooth sailing.  I posted a comment over there but he hasn’t approved it yet.

I’ve discovered ISAKMP profiles too.  Very cool!

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  1. ndouba


    What were the changes you performed exactly? Did you change the encryption entry and the transform set?

  2. Reply

    Simply changed the transform set to AES-256.  He posted a follow up on 6200 and it might have been more related to the ver of IOS I was running, oddly enough.

  3. Reply

    For some reason it never get’s past
    May 4 16:23:40.382 CST: %CRYPTO-6-IKMP_MODE_FAILURE: Processing of Aggressive mode failed with peer at

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