I’ve been trying to install either Server 2008 x64 or ESXi on my ECS motherboard.  It has a GeForce chipset, 4gb ram, Pentium e2180 and a SATA drive attached to the onboard controller.  ESXi doesn’t like the controller but that seems to be a typical problem.  I’m not interested in spending money on another controller.

Server 2008, several versions I’ve tried, all seem to lock up on the “expanding files” phase of the installation.  I’ve tried all kinds of combinations, including installing Server 2003 x64 and trying to upgrade from there.  Always hangs around the same place.  Unless someone has a suggestion I’m punting.

Going with Server 2003 R2 x64 with VMWare Server.  The processing for the GUI won’t be a total waste since I want to run it as a DC also but it’s still a pain that this stuff doesn’t work better.  I mean come on guys!  It’s not like the Nvidia chipset is all that new.

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  1. Chris Watson


    I have been a Network Administrator for 5 years now, and just recently had the luxury of checking this out. Here is what I took away from the experience.

    The best piece of advice I can offer on this is that when I installed the product on several machines (as trial, then I bought 5 copies of enterprise), there were no “lock-ups”, however, I did experience an insane wait time on that particular part of the process. Way longer than anticipated (over an hour in most cases). I went ahead and left it alone for a while and it finally shook loose.

    If you are planning on running some visors after its installed, then it MUST be the x64 edition, and I would strongly advise that you load the visors off of an .iso image instead of from CD as the CD installs much much slower.

    I also tempted fate with a second test environment running ESXI as the host for the visors and this was much cleaner and responsive for the visors, BUT I did not like the fact that ESXI requires client software to manage the visors, and I have a tendancy to enjoy standing in front of my server rack staring at the terminal screen rather than remoting in via some new software.

    Other than that, I love using this Server OS as it is truly solid as a rock! OMHO

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