While I greatly respect the writing of folks like Om and the podcasts of TWIT, there seems to often be a disconnect between the press releases they report on and the reality on the street.  I try to look at these things in the context of what’s to come but sometimes they flat out get it wrong.  The comment in my last post about engineers often forgetting about the cost ramifications illustrates this.  It’s easy for us to get all googly eyed when something new and shiny comes out.  When you sit in front of a customer and try to explain to them why they need to spend more money…that’s when you see the disconnect.

I left some comments over on Om’s latest article about really fast copper speeds.  The reality on the street doesn’t jive.  I installed a bunch of 6500’s at a customer last year.  The interconnects were all 10gbps.  Any guesses on what the typical load is on those interfaces?  1%

We’ve reached a point now where the only place for really high speed network traffic is in large data centers where 100’s of servers are being aggregated.  I’m glad those people are blazing the trail for the rest of us that will drool over 10gbps connections we’ll use 1% of!

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