Is it possible to feel nostalgia for something you’ve never experienced?  Such is the conundrum I’m left with after taking the kids to see Cars yesterday.  As with just about every Pixar movie it was pretty good.  I’m looking forward to seeing it again just so I can try to catch more of the adult jokes.  They sneak so many of them in!  Had to exit the theater a couple of times for potty breaks.  No, not for me.

A large part of the movie takes place in an old town on Rt. 66.  The town was hoppin in it’s day but the bypass took care of that.  Now no one comes through.  The nostalgia part?  The memories of the 50’s/60’s, neon lights, cruising, hanging out at the drive up diner…it made me yearn for something I’ve never even experienced.  How’s that possible?

I know one thing I wish for is getting the cobra out on the road and just cruising with my lady.  That, I can taste.  That, I will soon experience.  I might have missed out on the diners but I can still cruise.

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