I finally convinced my company to get me a Macbook to replace my aging Emachine laptop.  The Emachine’s done well but I’ve been having screen flickering problems.  So, we went to Macmall to place the order as they are advertising a $75 rebate.  We declined the repeated efforts to get us to take the “free” printer, etc.  Free as in “$$$ with a full rebate”.  We don’t need another printer.  Really.

So, order placed, figured all was well.  Later that day they call the purchasing manager as he was the one that ordered it.  “What operating system would you like on that?”  WHAT?  OS X ya moron.  Oh yeah, they are trying to bundle in XP since you can use that now.  Now, that’s all good but we’re a Microsoft Gold partner.  I’m not paying Macmall for a copy of XP.  So, no thanks, just OS X.  “You’d like the free printer right?”  You mean the one we already declined twice?  The one that costs $$$ until the rebate check comes back?  No thanks.  “Really?  It’s free!  How can you turn down free!”  No thanks.  “How about our other free offers?”  Again, no thanks.  So, when will the Macbook be shipping?  “Well, we’re out of stock right now.  Maybe a few days.”

At this point I wanted nothing to do with Macmall.  I’d pay a premium before giving any money to Macmall.  So we cancelled the order and got it direct from Apple instead.  We still got a few bucks off for going through a business account manager so that made me feel better.

Macmall, you’ve lost a customer forever.  And I hope you’ve lost everyone that reads this.

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