Apple Watch and replaceable parts

Today I sent a note to Daring Fireball saying ythe following.  I think the backing for the Apple Watch will be easily removable and will support swaps at the Genius bar.  What I mean is that the casing, which will be the expensive part,will be static and the engine, currently the S1,will be replaceable at the Apple store.  Apple currently has the mechanism to replace screens for iPhones at the stores.  It seems to be a small stretch to support removing the backing on the Watch and replacing the smarts inside quickly. I’m even thinking that the recent changes to triaging Genius requests has something to do with this.  Of course, we’ll see what happens over the next year.

Grandstream GXV3672 with replacement lens

I decided to not heed any warnings about replacement lenses for the GXV3672 and I looked around for a 2.8mm lens that was only 15mm deep.  I found one on Ebay and got it in within a few days.  The below pictures are before and after.  You can see the field of view is much larger now, but I’m still having a focus problem on the new one.  I doubt I’ll be able to improve it much since I was concerned about tightening it down so far that I would crack the sensor.  You can also see how the external case is vignetting the image.  I could live with that if I could get it more in focus.

So, short answer is, get the right lens to start.  I’m going to see about getting a 3610 which comes with the 3.6mm lens.  And also, I guess we need to clean the banister.  Oops.