HP DL380 G2, Ubuntu and loud fans

Installing Ubuntu on my DL380 G2 was pretty straight-forward but I did have a problem with the fans running at full speed. That high pitched squeal could be heard from our bedroom upstairs at the other end of the house. I had some real trouble finding a solution for this. It was clear that I needed the HPASM management tools but HP’s sight only shows RedHat and Suse installs. I finally came across this: http://jaxbeachtech.com/node/80

There are links there to some drivers that I think HP considers “beta”. You have to sign up to download them which is pretty silly. Oh well, it worked after I also had to manually download and install this lib from the Debian site.

All’s quiet now. Yes! Now on to installing ZoneMinder.

Feels like I’m workign all the time…

I’ve been busy with work and haven’t been able to squeeze in much of anything else. I’ve done a couple of things like upgrading Unraid to my Pro key and swapping motherboards. In the process I discovered that at least my copy (don’t know if it’s the default behavior) decided to hang on to the MAC address from the old motherboard. That created a small problem when I put the old motherboard back into service on a different machine! Fixing it is simple, just modify the network settings on the flash drive. See my post here for the specifics.

Also, I’ve been working on getting Sage transitioned to a new PC that’ll have enough juice to run Comskip. Only problem is that it’s been flakey ever since. Random lockups, long seek times for folders. That’s what I get for running beta software. Gotta be on the bleeding edge though! On top of that I seem to have lost my meta information on the old Sage PC and all of my IMDB lookups for DVDs is gone. Argh. 300+ DVDs in there now, I think. I might have to break down and buy DVD Profiler after all. Only $30 I think.

It’s been a long couple of days

Comcast managed to hose up my internet connection which I host this site as well as some forums on. They did this by assigning my static IP’s to another location in their network. The result was split routes at their peering routers with the majority of traffic going into a black hole and a trickle getting through to me.

Once I explained to them what they broke it was a relatively quick fix.

Then, we lost power after a storm last night. Batteries lasted about an hour but that was not nearly enough.

And traffic has really been sucky for my day job. 2.5 hours almost every trip this week. That’s each way.

Ugh. I’m tired.

Cisco AnyConnect Essentials

I recently discovered this new Cisco AnyConnect Essentials license being touted for the 8.2 code for ASAs. It took me a little while to parse through the cryptic description on Cisco’s site but it seems that you can now get client based SSL for a couple hundres $$’s depending on the ASA model. That’s up to the platform supported max!

If you want the web portal “clientless” SSL VPN you have to pay the previous crazy pricing for the “Premium” license. For most people this won’t matter and what it means is essentially a cheap SSL client solution now. Woohoo!

This guy seemed to confirm my thoughts.

Dude stole my theme too! 🙂

I’m still here!

Wow…I knew I had been neglecting the blog but I didn’t realize it had been over a month!

So, what have I been doing? Working too much! This time of year has gotten worse and worse over the last several years. It seems like the kids all get busy with activities, we get the itch to work on outdoor stuff and I feel the urge to work on the Cobra a bit. The result is I always feel overworked and by this time I’m telling myself to just let it be. What get’s done, get’s done.

So, what have I been able to squeeze in? Got a new 4 post cabinet. Did I mention that already? Got it for free! Steered it away from the dumpster. I’ve been slowly migrating all my gear over to this thing and I think it’s coming along nicely. I just need to get it finished. Part of what I want to do is move more of my devices into rackable cases. I’m getting there.

As of now I have the following in separate chassis:
-DMZ VMware Server on Ubuntu for web sites
Unraid (currently 4tb usable, got another 1tb drive ready to go in, just need more SATA ports)
-Compaq ML380 G2 that’ll probably become my video surveillance recorder
TrixBox CE (needs a rackmount case)

Also sporting a couple of switches, couple of routers and a couple of UPSs.

Once I’m done with the migration I’ll post some pics.