New server

If you’re seeing this, you’re looking at the new server!

This is what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been moving several of the sites I manage to a new virtual host.  In my basement!

Hopefully I can generate enough interesting traffic to put this connection to the test.  🙂

More later!

ESXi and the DL380 G2

Well, it works.  But I can’t find a way to get the fans to do anything but go at full blast.  That might be ok for a noisy data center but it’s not ok for my basement.

Flipping back to Server 2003 and VMWare Server so I can install the HP drivers.  Argh.

VMWare Guest copies and NIC’s

Simple note about losing the NIC when you copy a VMWare guest.  If you “copy” the image it creates a new MAC address.  Ubuntu 7.10 figures you installed a new NIC and it sets up ETH1.  That means ETH0 stops working.

Ok, so I found this post and it led me 70-persistent-net.rules as the culprit.  Swap the MAC around and it’s good to go!

Finally, Sage introduces the new HD Extender

I’ve been waiting for Sage to bring out a new extender for months.  I’ve been prepping the DVD library, getting the network ready.  I just didn’t want to move too far ahead unless they had the HD Extender back.  It’s back and better!  Not much better but good enough for me.  I placed my order immediately and it should arrive by Friday or possibly next Monday.  I’ll report back once it’s set up.

One of the things I want to test is using the Hauppauge HD-PVR to record DirecTV to a backend Sage Server.  The tricky part is that I want the Sage Server virtualized.  I’m concerned about latency and interrupts on the USB passthrough but in theory it should work.  I might get to that this weekend with a borrowed HD-PVR.

I also ordered a HD Homerun on Black Friday, my only Black Friday purchase.  Got it for $50 off!  Sweet.

Finally, the system is starting to take shape.  Whole home entertainment, here we come!