Asterisk trunks and order of precedence

Well, I’ve learned something that should have been painfully obvious.  I had the following configured for that SIP trunk to the Cisco router I mentioned:


The codec is defined by the “allow” statement.  If you put a “disallow” after the “allow” it will negate the allowed codec.  Well duh.

Swapping those around fixed the problem and making sure the trunk was in the proper context got me past the 404 error I was seeing also.

I’m now on a virtualized Trixbox and it sounds great compared to the previous install on a dedicated but older laptop!

488 – Not Acceptible Here

I went forward with the Server 2003 R2 install and then added VMWare Server 2.0.  Trixbox installed very easily and quickly and I added chan-sccp-b using these instructions.  It all went together very well and once I remembered all the places my old config files had old IP’s (I copied over the sccp configs) I managed to get a phone to connect and call to an IAX2 softphone.

However, I can’t get the trunk to the router to work.  I’m getting a 488 error in the debug which seems to suggest a codec mismatch.  Both sides seem to have correct dialplans as they try to call through but all I get is a reorder tone.  The Cisco router really only supports g711 in the current configuration.  Could it be that the Trixbox isn’t enabled for that?  If that’s not the problem, I’m not sure what is, yet.

Finicky Server 2008 and ESXi

I’ve been trying to install either Server 2008 x64 or ESXi on my ECS motherboard.  It has a GeForce chipset, 4gb ram, Pentium e2180 and a SATA drive attached to the onboard controller.  ESXi doesn’t like the controller but that seems to be a typical problem.  I’m not interested in spending money on another controller.

Server 2008, several versions I’ve tried, all seem to lock up on the “expanding files” phase of the installation.  I’ve tried all kinds of combinations, including installing Server 2003 x64 and trying to upgrade from there.  Always hangs around the same place.  Unless someone has a suggestion I’m punting.

Going with Server 2003 R2 x64 with VMWare Server.  The processing for the GUI won’t be a total waste since I want to run it as a DC also but it’s still a pain that this stuff doesn’t work better.  I mean come on guys!  It’s not like the Nvidia chipset is all that new.

Noisy GSM follow up

I think I might have read this somewhere but I’m not sure now.  Anti-static bag over the iphone works wonders!  And it still receives calls so it’s not like it’s a faraday cage!  It’s goofy looking and it’s another step to get to the phone when a call’s coming in, but it’s a small price to pay.