GSM sure is noisy

Prior to getting the iPhone a little more than a year ago I had been a long time Verizon customer.  I still miss their excellent East Coast network.  The switch from CDMA to GSM brought an unwelcome addition.  Noise.  Noise in all kinds of speakers.  I have to put my phone in the cupholder in the car.  If I put it any closer to the radio you can hear it.  That rapid fire chirping.  It keeps going and going…then it stops and you almost think, maybe it’ll quite for a while…then bbrrrrr,brrrrrrr,brrrrrrrr.  Agh!

The thing that drives me the most crazy is the Cisco 7940 sitting on my desk.  I’ve moved the iPhone to the opposite side of the desk.  I’ve tried turning it this way and that.  Tried moving the 7940 around.  Best I can hope for is a faint buzzing sound.  It only comes out of the speakerphone, not the handset itself.  But it’s there…driving me crazy!

The only real solution I’ve found is to have something in between them that will soak up the radiation.  A 20″ LCD doesn’t do it.  No, I’ve not found a consistent trick yet.  It’s my mission now.

When ESXi says it requires 1gb of ram…

…it really means it!  I tried to install on a machine with 1gb of ram over the weekend.  No, I’m not planning on leaving it that way.  I just want to start with some prep and I’ll be buying ram later.

Turns out, when you have shared memory for your video card it takes up enough that ESXi won’t even install.  Yep, even cutting it down to 64mb wasn’t enough.  I found a note on a forum where someone trimmed it down from 32mb to 16mb shared and it worked.

So beware!  For as “light” as it supposedly is it won’t even think about working in anything less than 1gb of ram.

Time to study

I need to start studying for and pass CVOICE in the next month or so in order to maintain one of my various Cisco Partner certs.  Hey didn’t you know, I’m a Cisco Rich Media Communications Specialist!  In order to keep it I need to pass the CVOICE test before early December.  Good news is it’ll go towards the CCVP which I’m pretty sure I’ll pursue after that.  I’ll have 2 tests left so it seems worth it.

In looking for the blueprint for the current version of CVOICE I found that the new Cisco Learning Network is live.  I guess there’s no more Partner E-Learning Connection.  There’s all kinds of social networking stuff in this which could be interesting.  I’ll hold my opinion on if it’s useful.

I plan on using the practice tests and some of the other tools on there for my studying.  More to come later.

Microsoft OCS 2007 R2 – Has the war begun or is this just a skirmish

Stacey over at GigaOM put up Microsoft’s press release about R2 today.  R2’s bringing some much needed feature depth to OCS including better attendant handling, very basic call queueing, dial in audio conferencing and some SIP trunking improvements.  However, this isn’t the “big one”.  R2 still misses some very critical components.  E911 is still missing.  Advanced call queueing and call center type functions are not there.  The SIP trunking is still incomplete.  And a full OCS implementation just requires too many servers!

The reality of Microsoft’s positioning is that a full implementation of the OCS “platform” is too significant an investment for anything but large customers.  The Response Point product fills a nice niche in the S of SMB space.  Unfortunately there’s no upgrade path for Response Point and it really runs out of steam when you get near 50 phones.  Microsoft doesn’t have a good answer for the M in SMB.

However, R2 does position Microsoft for some very capable trials over the next year, all in anticipation of the next major release due sometime late ’09 or early ’10.  I still believe that will be the real battleground.  In a little more than a year Microsoft will truly have a worthy competitor and will start chipping away at Cisco for the Enterprise customers.  Perhaps sometime after that they can find a way to roll several roles into a single platform so the Mid-Market has an option too.

CME Version info

Seems like a silly thing but I’ve never been sure how to check the exact version of CME running.  “show telephony” will do it.  I’m either overlooking something in the GUI or it’s not there.  On a particular router I’m messing with the “About” screen doesn’t show anything.  Maybe that’s broken.

It’s important to be sure of the version running as there are dependencies for phone models and CUE versions.

Anyway…saved for future reference.

Red v. Blue

Followed a link on Instapundit this morning to Lilac Rose who talks about seeing the possibility of a Cold Civil War.  This isn’t so much a war based on borders, although you could draw it that way.  The whole of the Northeast and California versus just about everyone else.  No, this is a war based on lines of ideology.  But I suppose that’s what all wars are based on.

I see this myself.  People I know will be divided along those that will party like it’s 1999 after the election and those that will seriously consider their options for moving to a foreign country.  Amongst some indviduals there even seems to be a militant fervor that I haven’t seen before.  The economic collapse won’t help either, as the losers who lose jobs decide that “their guy” was robbed of the job and they themselves would still have a job if it hadn’t happened.

Some loon or loons may even decide to take up arms against the injustice.  There’s really no positive outcome for this election, especially for those of us who see both candidates as Politicians and nothing more.  There won’t be a truly good leader in the White House and we’ll have the joy of being trapped in the middle of this ideological war.

Hmm….New Zealand perhaps…

Mosso rides

I think if you’re seeing this you’re viewing my blog on Mosso.  I’m very curious to know what everyone thinks of the performance.  I’m hoping to move some additional sites over here and at least one of them will put a significantly greater load on the service.

Keep in mind some slowness is occasionally the result of Amazon being slow to update.

Also, hat tip to Erich.