Deleting and re-installing Asterisk

I’ve been working on getting Asterisk running on my RaqAst (that’s what I’m calling it) Cobalt RAQ3.  For various reasons mostly relating to getting chan_sccp to work properly I’ve gone from 1.2 to 1.4 to 1.2 to 1.4.  Yeah, it’s been frustrating.  Anyway, I had a comment left on this post detailing a method of using Asterisk just for voicemail with CME doing the phone management duties.  You might remember I had already managed to do that, again, referenced on that same post, but had failed to get MWI working.  MWI’s important for the WAF.  So, that solution got tossed and I went back to chan_sccp on Asterisk.

Well, the comment directed me to where Andre has apparently gotten MWI working.  So, I’m going to give that a shot and I’ll report back how it works.

In the meantime I need to get Asterisk 1.4 running on RaqAst so I attempted to remove all vestiges of Asterisk 1.2 and install 1.4.  Ok, that seemed to work but every time I’d try to start Asterisk it would look like it was working but it wasn’t.  I’d get no indication it wasn’t starting but a “ps -aef | grep ast” showed nothing.  Also, there was nothing I could find in any logs.

Finally, I figured it out.  I hadn’t removed the 1.2 version of /etc/init.d/asterisk and the 1.4 install wasn’t overwriting it.  Apparently the 1.2 version won’t start 1.4 code.  Go figure.  Anyway, after cp’ing /usr/src/{ast-1.4}/contrib/init.d/rc.debian.asterisk over to /etc/init.d/asterisk everything was happy, as far as I can tell.

I haven’t started the configuration yet but that’s next, now that I have a running Asterisk.

CAPWAP, where is it?

I’m experienced with Cisco LWAPP enough to know it works pretty nicely.  There are some quirks to be sure but for almost every wireless implementation it’s the preferred solution.  It’s unfortunate then that both Cisco’s LWAPP and Aruba’s protocol (whatever that’s called) are closed protocols.  CAPWAP’s in the works and does seem to be making some progress as an open standard, despite some concerns about hidden patent coverage in some of the standard.

Still, you’d think the standard had progressed enough to start seeing some products.  Nope.  I just read that Cisco’s new Mobility product supports some portion of CAPWAP, which is interesting by itself.  But where are the open source controllers?  Controllers are really expensive!  It sure would be nice to have a cheaper solution for home, for instance.  This is one of those times I wish I was more of a programmer so I could just build it for myself.