Raq cloning

I picked up two Cobalt RAQs. One’s a 3 and the other is a 3i. My intention has been to use the 3 for Asterisk and the 3i for my main firewall. After all the round about with getting a usable image on one of them I wanted to see if I could just clone it to the other drive.

I used Ultimate Boot CD and the g4u tool.  I made a backup of the working drive and that seemed to work.  However, copying the backup back to the second drive kept failing on the download.  So, I just did a disk to disk copy and that worked fine.

One of my concerns is that I did the initial install of Ubuntu on a 20gb drive with a 14gb partition.  The second drive is 15gb.  The second drive boots although there’s a weird character that gets inserted during the kernel load.  Not sure it matters but time will tell on that one.  Hopefully I don’t need to rebuild it fresh.

Lesson learned, it’s easier to grow a drive than shrink it.  Start with the smaller drive!

RaqBuntu lives!

After trying to be smart about it and figure out my own way to get Ubuntu 8.04 on the RAQ3 I decided to just suck it up and follow others leads.  So, I followed Jim Tuttle’s site about getting Ubuntu 6.06 on his Qube.  The Qube and Raq are very similar as far as I can tell so I thought I would have some success with this.  I combined this with Tim Wiley’s instructions for building a fresher kernel.  Success!  At this point I had a working Ubuntu 6.06 install.

So, I crossed my fingers and used upgrade-manager to bring it to 8.04.  The first time I ran it it timed out on one of the mirrors.  That was a little scary but it looked like it probably recovered ok from it so I tried the same thing again.  Success!  Almost seemed too easy.  After some time it asked if I wanted to remove obsolete apps so I did and then asked to reboot, which I did.  Came right back up and showed 8.04 and the uname -r still showed my custom kernel.


I haven’t really put any time on the box yet so I don’t know how it’ll perform but it looks pretty stable right now.  I’m going to try to clone the drive to the RAQ3i drive so I don’t have to go through the rather lengthy process again.  It all works but it’s hours long.  Kernel compiling on the RAQ isn’t what I’d call a snappy process.

More later once I get Asterisk up and running.


Maybe not.  After poking around to find a way to recompile the AsteriskNow kernel I gave up.  rPath has a rather convoluted way (to the neophyte) of managing kernels.  So, I figured, let’s try Ubuntu following the instructions for getting Debian 3.1 to work.  I’m able to get it to Boot From Network and I can see it mounting the NFSRoot.  However, it always fails immediately with:

FATAL: kernel toKernel panic: Attempted to kill init!
o old

I’ve been looking around and haven’t found an answer to that yet.  Something would seem to be buggered in the server side nfsroot.  I did find a french page that had the exact same problem and the guy punted and installed Debian 3.1 instead.  I might fiddle with this some more but that’s probably what I’ll do too.

I knew this would be a bit of a challenge but I wasn’t expecting it to be this hard.


I can’t decide if I want to get Ron Paul’s new book, Revolution, a Manifesto. As you can see from my previous post I like a lot of what Ron Paul says but he’s a bit flakey at times. Or rather, he can come across that way. Regardless, I agree with him that the Federal Government (local too but that’s another matter) is bloated and not living up to the principals laid down in the Constitution. What to do about it? Support Ron Paul even if he’s a little kooky at times.