Something about falling off a horse and not getting back on it…anyway…

If anyone knows good people we’re looking for the following at FTDATA:

Senior Microsoft Engineer in NoVA

Senior Engineers with Security experience in MD

Federal and commercial Account Managers. Closers. Not BD.  People I can give coffee to.

We’re an SDVOSB. If you’re in Federal sales you should know what that is.

If you’re interested in one of these, leave a comment or send me an email at mdgeek at NO SPAM Hopefully you can parse that. If not, you’ve failed the first part of the interview. 🙂

“Reciprocal Altruism”

I saw this phrase in an article today and it just struck me as very comical.  However, I checked Wikipedia and there’s an entry!

Ah, philosophy!

Sorry about the long drought between articles there.  I’m back on the horse now.