Ephone-DN’s like to disappear

Well, not really. I found out the hard way that an Ephone-DN in CME that isn’t configured from the start as a dual-line can’t be changed to a dual-line. So, no consult transfer or putting a call on hold and calling someone else. No big deal, just “no” the existing one and add it all back in as a dual-line. Just don’t do what I did. When you do a “no” on an ephone-dn it not only wipes out the DN, it also removes all references to that DN. Including any button assignments on ephones! And hunt groups! Yeah!

The reason this happened is because I decided to use the GUI for some phone configuration on a new system. I thought it worked great until I realized that it had added the DN’s as single line only. Maybe it’s an option in the GUI but I missed it and haven’t gone back to check it out yet. If it’s not in the GUI that’s a travesty!

I guess the lesson is, learn CME from the CLI and you can’t go wrong.

That “July” post

That was a failed attempt at posting through email from my iPhone.  Haven’t spent the time to try to figure that one out yet.

Regarding the iPhone, I’m relatively happy but I really wish it had ActiveSync.  Really.  Wish.

More later…