Trixbox and a SIP gateway

At this rate I should make an Asterisk category! Something I keep running across and forgetting to document is the configuration of the Cisco 1760 as a SIP gateway. Specifically, I have the context set to “from-pstn”. I prefer this because it separates it, if such a thing ever becomes important to me. The problem is “from-pstn” doesn’t include the internal phones context. So, the incoming call can’t search the extensions, finds nothing in the dialplan and returns a busy tone. I simply added the “from-internal” context to the extensions_custom.conf in the “from-pstn-custom” section. Now the incoming call can find the group ringall extension and complete the call.

Therapeutic mowing

I’ve found that mowing can often lead my mind to wander to interesting places.  I sometimes experience this when I’m driving and don’t have the radio on.  Today I had a bit of a revelation in the self-awareness department.

Something I stress about regularly is if I could be doing more.  Of course, the answer is always yes, but it’s hard to judge what’s reasonable looking out from the inside.  I want to be a good dad and a good consultant but it often feels like that’s all I can manage.  Do others manage to do both and still excel at a third thing?  A hobby, a side business, whatever.  I get ideas for things that could be interesting or “big” and I always get dismayed that I don’t have time/drive/energy to become an “expert” in any one of those things.  I know what’s most important in my life so this third thing ranks, well, third, but its still aggravating.

How do others make the transition from idea to action?  Do others just sacrifice one of the first two things to concentrate on the third?  Or is that just a flaw I need to get comfortable with…

I’m considering deleting this peek behind the curtain.  Not today…

SCCP park

I always forget this but it’s important to add the following line to modules.conf when you compile in park and paging with SCCP:

load =>

Trixbox and SCCP

I’m in the process of installing Trixbox which is the new version of Asterisk@Home. It seems some things are not enabled by default, like voicemail. Also, it would seem SCCP is missing some stuff to install. I found this maillist entry that sums up the steps pretty succinctly. So far it LOOKS like it’s working but I haven’t tested it to be sure. I’ll report back after I know it works.

Child of the 50’s?

Is it possible to feel nostalgia for something you’ve never experienced?  Such is the conundrum I’m left with after taking the kids to see Cars yesterday.  As with just about every Pixar movie it was pretty good.  I’m looking forward to seeing it again just so I can try to catch more of the adult jokes.  They sneak so many of them in!  Had to exit the theater a couple of times for potty breaks.  No, not for me.

A large part of the movie takes place in an old town on Rt. 66.  The town was hoppin in it’s day but the bypass took care of that.  Now no one comes through.  The nostalgia part?  The memories of the 50’s/60’s, neon lights, cruising, hanging out at the drive up diner…it made me yearn for something I’ve never even experienced.  How’s that possible?

I know one thing I wish for is getting the cobra out on the road and just cruising with my lady.  That, I can taste.  That, I will soon experience.  I might have missed out on the diners but I can still cruise.


In the transition to OS X for my work laptop I’ve found one thing that’s been kind of annoying.  No Putty!  Putty is great for managing SSH and Telnet sessions on the Windows side.  On OS X I was happy with Terminal but it has no bookmarking ability.  I looked at iTerm but it seemed kind of cumbersome for the simple task I was looking for.

Then I found JellyfiSSH on Apple’s software website.  Perfection.  It doesn’t do much but it does it very well.  Simple bookmarking with session characteristics retained.  So now I can have bookmarks for all of the regular servers/routers/switches and I can have each of them a different color.  It doesn’t try to over reach and do too much like iTerm.

Now, if I could just figure out a good console solution…  I know, minicom or Zterm.  Yuck.  There’s got to be a better way.

Ah…MacBook glory…

Well, it’s official. I’m on a MacBook now. Yep, I finally convinced my employer to buy me one. I know, amazing…

It’s very nice so far. Very good performance. The reflective screen isn’t too distracting and the keyboard is very nice. Those were the two main things I was worried about. I’ve installed Bootcamp and Parallels just because I simply can’t abandon Windows, yet. I still need to be able to run Visio for one thing. I could probably get by without an Outlook client but that’s nice also. With Parallels running inside a Virtue Desktop it’s a really great experience. I’m just a keystroke from switching back and forth between the two. No problems with that either. Both OS’s are responsive and I haven’t had any other weird display issues so far.

Best of both worlds…I’m really enjoying it.

Macmall bait and switch

I finally convinced my company to get me a Macbook to replace my aging Emachine laptop.  The Emachine’s done well but I’ve been having screen flickering problems.  So, we went to Macmall to place the order as they are advertising a $75 rebate.  We declined the repeated efforts to get us to take the “free” printer, etc.  Free as in “$$$ with a full rebate”.  We don’t need another printer.  Really.

So, order placed, figured all was well.  Later that day they call the purchasing manager as he was the one that ordered it.  “What operating system would you like on that?”  WHAT?  OS X ya moron.  Oh yeah, they are trying to bundle in XP since you can use that now.  Now, that’s all good but we’re a Microsoft Gold partner.  I’m not paying Macmall for a copy of XP.  So, no thanks, just OS X.  “You’d like the free printer right?”  You mean the one we already declined twice?  The one that costs $$$ until the rebate check comes back?  No thanks.  “Really?  It’s free!  How can you turn down free!”  No thanks.  “How about our other free offers?”  Again, no thanks.  So, when will the Macbook be shipping?  “Well, we’re out of stock right now.  Maybe a few days.”

At this point I wanted nothing to do with Macmall.  I’d pay a premium before giving any money to Macmall.  So we cancelled the order and got it direct from Apple instead.  We still got a few bucks off for going through a business account manager so that made me feel better.

Macmall, you’ve lost a customer forever.  And I hope you’ve lost everyone that reads this.

Too many I told ya so’s…

Not been posting much lately.  That’s mainly because I’ve been fighting with the M3.  I’ve been having a bit of an overheating problem.  So far I’ve replaced a fuse, the front auxilary fan and now the coolant.  I doubt the coolant will solve the problem but something better soon.  It’s tough having such a fun car be the daily driver…especially when it’s not working right.