I’ve been running Cisco CallManager and Unity in our house for a couple of years now. Actually it started out as CallManager Express and an answering machine and went from there. I’ve looked at Asterisk from time to time and even had it running next to CME for a little while. I used it as a SIP gateway to Broadvoice. Aside from Broadvoice being pretty bad it worked well.

I’m coming back to Asterisk now. See, one of the problems with me running Unity is a 30 second limit on messages with the demo license. There are other difficulties with CallManager that make it less than desirable for home use. With Asterisk I’ll have unlimited voicemail and I’ll be able to do other cool things like Find Me/Follow Me to a softphone on my laptop, streaming MOH, telemarketer filtering…etc…

So far I have *@home installed under a virtual machine on Virtual Server. It didn’t like 256mb of ram much so I bumped it up to 512mb. Hope that’s enough for now.

Sunshine on my face

It’s days like this that make me think of one thing…I need to get the Cobra done so I can take it cruising.  What a rare gift for January.  Mid 60’s and sunny.  Just begs to roll down the windows and go driving.

Well…I got to enjoy it briefly on my drive to the office.  Blech…

Deep thoughts

I think TV is rotting my brain.  I do love it so…TV that is.

I have trouble deep thinking any more.  Either it’s lack of sleep or the TV.  Oddly enough the two go hand in hand.

I know the answer is to not watch so much TV but that’s worse than asking me to give up sweets.


Zip it!

Oh how I wish I could really write what I want to on here.  Well, perhaps in time it will all come out.  Frustrating…

Use protection!

While I’ve never had a laptop stolen, it’s something that’s regularly on my mind.  Just saw this new program for Macs and OS X. 

This looks sweet!  Helps you get your laptop back if someone thieves it.  I especially like the screenshot and “broken for repair” features.  When I get around to getting me a MacBook (blech) I’ll seriously have to consider this.  Universal binary baby!


Got tired of Blogger.com errors so here I are.  I still really like Performancing so I’m hoping it will work great with WordPress.  Time will tell…

Performancing and Blogger…not happy

I seem to be having random problems with Performancing and Blogger. And I’m not the only one apparently. Most others are claiming it’s a problem with Blogger. One of the problems I get is an expired certificate so I know that’s Blogger’s fault. The other problem is an Atom.xml error that stops me from posting an entry.

This isn’t cool! I was just starting to like Performancing. Maybe it’s time to leave Blogger?

I hate wallpaper

Yep, that’s right…hate it! And no, hate’s not too strong a word. In fact, it’s not strong enough. Wallpaper is the one thing that makes me want to put my fist through the wall I just wallpapered. Literally. No exaggeration. I don’t know how anyone could do wallpapering on a regular basis. It brings rise to feelings I never have any other time. It’s realy an irrational desire to destroy everything I see. I have to walk away after five minutes of struggling with it.

I’m putting this entry in here so I can reference it later, if necessary. Ang, I’m looking at you!

Thanks for tormenting me Apple

It’s been a couple of days now since Apple announced the new toys at Macworld. For the first day or two I was in the RDF but that’s worn off now. If they had come out with iBook around $1200 or less I probably would have ordered it that day. Since I can’t drop $2000-2500 on a new laptop I was given the opportunity for a pause. Now that I’ve seen comments about it, I still want the new MacBook Pro, but not quite as much. There are some big gotchas such as EFI instead of BIOS and the lack of a PC Card slot.

So, until someone comes out with a way to vitrualize Windows within OS X, I think I’ll wait to see what else Apple comes up with.