Still mushy

I bled the brakes again today, and again, it feels mushy. Seems to get more so after a couple of trips up and down the driveway. I hesitant to take into into the street until I can get this resolved. Bummer.

There’s certainly other stuff I can work on, such as aluminum, wiring dash/gauges, more aluminum…

Power steering

I’ve made a number of changes since last year.

I decided to go with power steering. I was a little concerned about the difficulty of turning the stock de-powered rack. I had been considering getting a remanufactured rack from Autozone. I just decided that I would try the power pump first as I still had it from the donor. Hopefully it won’t be too loud in the long run.

I mounted the Odyssey battery over the passenger footbox. I still need to trim down the rather tall posts, but it seems to fit in there nicely. I’m thinking about figuring out a way to mount the computer to the underside and tie it into the bolts from the battery tray. The passenger footbox is a little tight to begin with so it’ll be nice to get a couple of extra inches there.

I partially installed the heater. I think I’m going to take it out and weld some pipe holes in. I’d like to be able to get some heat over to me, not just the passenger.

I picked up some Street Performer seats from Rob Burton in CACC. My backside’s a bit tight but I kind of like the idea of not sliding around at all. From what I’ve read it’s going to take some tweaking to get them to fit.

Mushy brakes

After go-karting for the first time, some things have cropped up as a problem. Probably the most important thing is that the brakes felt mushy and got more mushy after just a little bit of use. I’ll have to go back and bleed them again and see if I can get them to tighten up.

The other issue is that the right front wheel is rubbing on the lower A-arm. I actually ground off a little bit of the wheel weight! I’ve been reading on that some folks have had problems with this. The solutions seems to either be to install different lowers arms or to insert some sort of stop into the steering rack. I think I’ll look into the stop first but I don’t want to limit my turning radius too much.

Other than that, things ran smoothly. Engine seems to work great. Power steering is a little loud but sure is easy to turn. It wanted to run…I can’t wait to get it out and thrash it.


I’m finally building again! As of May 8th, 2005 (Mothers Day) the car is a go-kart! Woohoo!

The last year has kept me quite busy and I’ve had little time to work on it. About a year ago I had some guys come over to help try to get it on the road so I could drive it to the new house. I underestimated the time involved in moving your life, even just 10 miles down the road.

Now we’re in the new house and things are sort of starting to settle down so I’m back to working on it. Frankly, I’m sick of not being able to drive it in the nice weather. So, my hope is to have it on the road and legal in the coming months.

Oh, and Angie’s pregnant so I really need it done before September. )

Hello test

I’m trying out Googles semi-recent acquisition of Hello. Hello’s kind of an IM type system except it’s not. The main purpose of Hello is for sharing pics with others through chat sessions. It has a couple of other cool features though. They claim the Hello protocol is more like P2P and that everything is encrypted with AES. Also, you can publish to Blogger directly, including pics. Oh yeah, if you aren’t a Mac user and have the pleasure of using iPhoto, you really should check out Picasa. It’s tied into Hello and Blogger as well. Posted by Hello

New Journal

Holy smokes. Almost a year since the last update. Lot’s been happening but not much with the cobra. I’m starting a new blog for the journal so this one will only be used for archival.

Update:  This is the new blog )