Skewed Sidepipe

Haven’t done much except gather parts over the last couple of weeks. Oh, and I hung the sidepipes. The passenger side is still giving me trouble and wants to stick out from the frame about 6 inches all the way at the end. I’ll just have to work it some more. Oh, and I start it up from time to time.

First start!

I heard a beautiful sound yesterday. After three long years of owning this kit I finally started the engine. What a great sound! Thanks to a lot of help from Wade and Joe we fired it up around 6pm. I still need to get a belt on it and hook up the coolant but it’s a big step. Next stop, go-karting!

Double flaring

Happy Independence Day!

Lot’s happened since I last wrote in here. Unfortunately, not much with the Cobra. The big news is that we will be moving into a new house in late August/early September. That’s occupied most of our time. The result is that’s I’ve spent virtually no time working on the Cobra.

I did manage to get the fuel lines run and then realized I had forgotten to double flare them. So I pulled them back out. Haven’t double flared them or put them back in but it should only be a 30 minute job. Har! I also got an Odyssey 925 battery. My intention is to place it over the passenger footbox. Looks like there will be enough room there. Got a battery minder to keep it topped off when I’m not driving it for an extended time. I’ve heard good things about this battery but time will tell.

Went shopping today. I now have everything I need to get to the go-cart stage except a radiator. I’m hoping to pick that up tomorrow. My hope is to have it legal before we move. It won’t be finished of course. No bodywork to be done. But if it’s driveable (safely) I’ll be happy.

Updated the costs and I think I’ll break past $15k into the car before the end of the week. Pretty good considering the budget!

More to come soon I think