Too busy

Haven’t worked on the Cobra a lick in the last month.  Been too busy at work and getting the house ready for the baby.  Put up a fence around the deck and I will be putting in a playset soon.  Oh well….went to Carlisle yesterday.  It was typical Carlisle, wet and cold.  There was a pretty good Cobra turnout despite the weather.  Didn’t see too much else at the show that was exciting.  K1 finally had the “production” Attack there.  Looked pretty good if not a little plasticky.  I know I mentioned way back in the beginning of this journal that I might consider doing an Attack.  Now that I’ve seen how long the Cobra’s taking me I doubt that will ever happen.  No biggy…it’s all part of life right?  Besides, I’ll soon have my hands very full with a new baby in addition to our 2 year old.  It’s frustrating at times not having it done.  Then I remember there are a lot of other great things in life and I’m ok with it being done when it’s done.