Went to Spring Fling last weekend. We met the club early in the morning Friday and took the twisties for most of the way out there. Rt.50 gets really hairy at a couple of points. Driving the Blazer wasn’t bad but it was a little nerve racking at times also. Especially with Jacob in the back. It’s funny how a baby changes your perspective on things like that. Looking back Spring Fling was pretty cool. Got to see the folks in the club again. Got to see lots of Cobras which is always a good thing. I wasn’t feeling to good about the trip immediately afterwards. Although I’m happy I got to spend time with Jacob, taking him might not have been the best decision. There’s no question that you have to alter your plans when you are taking care of an 11 month old. Also, Saturday didn’t work out quite the way I had hoped. We missed a number of events because of having to work around J.

One of the things I wanted to try to do was to video a lot of different things and take a shot at making a short documentary. Things didn’t work out so well. Due to our odd schedule we missed some events. When the line of Cobras came into London they were supposed to go 5 wide which they didn’t. We went back to the hotel to take care of J and missed the cruise to the drag strip. By the time we got there, there were only a handful of Cobras. I hooked up the camera to Bob Lennons roll bar mount for the cruise to the lake Sunday morning. The Steadycam function was turned on but you wouldn’t know it. All in all, I think the video deal is a bust. I’m still going to throw something together but I’m not too encouraged.

You might think from reading this that I didn’t have a good time. If you had asked me Sunday, that’s what I would have said. In retrospect, it wasn’t too bad. The drive out and back was incredible. I got to see a number of Cobras lighting it up. Got to see some wild paint jobs. And I got a chance to put faces to names. Now I know what all of you forum folks look like. I’m thinking that when (if) I drive the Cobra next year it’ll be a lot more fun. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Something to remember is why this event takes place. Team Jenny and Cystic Fibrosis. I might not have been so affected by Dave Smith’s speach in the past. Now that we have Jacob…well, it got me a little choked up. There’s no reason why you have to wait until DVSF to contribute. Consider making a donation now. Maybe you can help some kids parents enjoy their company just a bit longer.