Clean and paint…

Did some cleaning last weekend.  I prepped the gas tank and the pedal box by cleaning and then painting them.  The pics I added are for that.  I also trimmed part of the pedal box where one of the bolts will pass through the front footbox wall.  Finally got the bushing replaced on the front control arm so I was able to install the arm.  I still can’t get the tie-rods to loosen up.  I’m not sure if I’m trying to turn the wrong thing but I don’t think I am.  Next up, more little things.  Fiddling with the pedal box and pedals.  Mounting the gas tank.  Messing with some footbox aluminum.  A local shop is running a sale on wheels so I’m struggling with the idea of getting new ones.  Every time I walk through the garage I see that engine sitting there and I cringe thinking about what a bitch it’s going to be to clean it.  But also how sweet it will look when I’m done!  Soon enough…soon enough.

Travis Grabb donated his non-tilt steering column to the cause.  Thanks!  Sure does beat digging through a junkyard for one!


Put on a number of aluminum panels over the weekend.  Rivets, rivets and more rivets!  And I’m sure I’m not even halfway through the rivets.  Got the f-panels and the floor installed.  The floors were kind of difficult because of their odd shape.  It was difficult to find a good place to pre-drill the holes in the aluminum.  Still, it’s starting to look like a real kit now!  Also got the steering rack in.  The tie-rods don’t want to budge so I sprayed some Gunk on them.  Hopefully in a day or two they will loosen up.  Spent time cleaning parts including the rack, master cylinder and the brake distribution block.  I’ve still got a number of things to do before I dive into cleaning the engine.  Of immediate concern is getting a bushing for the front control arm.  I also need to go ahead and buy the disks for the front if I’m going to do that.  Trying to decide on new tires.  I’m really leaning towards some cheap tires to run on the beat up rims I have.  That would buy me a year or so before upgrading the rims and tires.  I could have a roller by next weekend if I make those things happen.

Suspension install

Made some real progress this last weekend.  Got the rear-end and the left front arm installed.  I still need to get a new bushing pressed into the right front arm.  Learned several important lessons this weekend.  It’s important to have a task in mind before you sit down and work on it.  Figure out what you are going to accomplish and what is required to make that happen.  Example: I bought a 1/2″ drill bit to open up the lower arm mounts on the rear-end.  I sit down to get to work on it and I realize that the shank is also 1/2″ so it won’t fit into my drill.  Duh.  So I look for something else to do, figuring that I won’t go shopping until later.  I got into doing the front arm and some other things without being prepared.  Just makes the process take longer and adds to the frustration.  Hey, this is all about the learning experience right!

The rear-end wasn’t quite as difficult as I imagined it would be.  Everything appears to be lining up good.  I’ve found a few spots that I missed with the POR-15.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to touch them up with some other paint or try to find some more POR (I used up all that Mark gave me).  Or I could just leave it.  It’s not in visible spots.  The front left went on pretty easy too.

Next is attaching the f-panels and firewall, then dropping in the steering rack and column.  Then it’s on to the gas tank.  I think I’ve got about 8 gallons of gas in it so I need to pump it out somehow first.  I also need to get tires, a battery and brake rotors, pads and shoes.   Money, money, money!

Lastly, I posted a video of the New Years Day drive to DC.  It’s under the CACC folder for that event.  Let me know what you think!