Free Veeam linux backups

I didn’t feel like fighting against Nutanix CE any more so I copied my VMs out using qemu and rebuilt the entire cluster with ESXi 6.7 free. Seems to be ok so far with a few minor issues. Now that I’m back in operation I have a concern about having a single copy of my VMs on standalone hosts with RAID0 single disk configs. A bit of a roll of the dice but it works. So, I need a backup solution. ESXi doesn’t support API connections for backups so you have to use something else. I’m using Veeam Linux Agent free on each of my VMs now. I’m sending the backups to an NFS share on the Unraid server. Here’s my list of commands so I can do this again later and not wonder how I did it.

Make sure we’re updated before starting:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get autoremove

SCP the Veeam download file to the server, which I think might just be a repository and user add script.

sudo dpkg -i veeam-release-deb_1.0.5_amd64.deb
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install veeam

Next we’ll take care of the NFS share mounting.

sudo apt-get install nfs-common
sudo mkdir /mnt/backup
sudo nano /etc/fstab

Here’s my one fstab line for connecting to the Unraid NFS share:

1 /mnt/backup nfs auto 0  0

Mount the new share:

sudo mount -a

You should now be able to run the Veeam agent with “sudo veeam” which will launch the ncurses gui. Pretty obvious how to work through it from there, just select local storage and browse to the /mnt/backup location if that’s what you named it.

Apple Watch and replaceable parts

Today I sent a note to Daring Fireball saying ythe following.  I think the backing for the Apple Watch will be easily removable and will support swaps at the Genius bar.  What I mean is that the casing, which will be the expensive part,will be static and the engine, currently the S1,will be replaceable at the Apple store.  Apple currently has the mechanism to replace screens for iPhones at the stores.  It seems to be a small stretch to support removing the backing on the Watch and replacing the smarts inside quickly. I’m even thinking that the recent changes to triaging Genius requests has something to do with this.  Of course, we’ll see what happens over the next year.

Performancing and Blogger…not happy

I seem to be having random problems with Performancing and Blogger. And I’m not the only one apparently. Most others are claiming it’s a problem with Blogger. One of the problems I get is an expired certificate so I know that’s Blogger’s fault. The other problem is an Atom.xml error that stops me from posting an entry.

This isn’t cool! I was just starting to like Performancing. Maybe it’s time to leave Blogger?

I hate wallpaper

Yep, that’s right…hate it! And no, hate’s not too strong a word. In fact, it’s not strong enough. Wallpaper is the one thing that makes me want to put my fist through the wall I just wallpapered. Literally. No exaggeration. I don’t know how anyone could do wallpapering on a regular basis. It brings rise to feelings I never have any other time. It’s realy an irrational desire to destroy everything I see. I have to walk away after five minutes of struggling with it.

I’m putting this entry in here so I can reference it later, if necessary. Ang, I’m looking at you!

Thanks for tormenting me Apple

It’s been a couple of days now since Apple announced the new toys at Macworld. For the first day or two I was in the RDF but that’s worn off now. If they had come out with iBook around $1200 or less I probably would have ordered it that day. Since I can’t drop $2000-2500 on a new laptop I was given the opportunity for a pause. Now that I’ve seen comments about it, I still want the new MacBook Pro, but not quite as much. There are some big gotchas such as EFI instead of BIOS and the lack of a PC Card slot.

So, until someone comes out with a way to vitrualize Windows within OS X, I think I’ll wait to see what else Apple comes up with.

Ugly Vista

The installation of Vista didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped. Actually, most of it went well with one big notable exception. I have a widescreen laptop with a native resolution of 1280×800. The ATI driver that’s bundled with the latest build of Vista is accelerated for the 9600, which is what I have, but it only supports 800×600 and 1024×768. So, despite Aero working very nicely, the screen just looked like crap.

I’ve reverted back to XP but I’ve left 20gb for a later version of Vista. Hopefully they can get around to fixing this big problem in a world where laptops rule the day.

Laptop Reloaded

Yes, it’s that time again to rebuild my laptop and expunge the cruft that I’ve accumulated.  Yes, that’s a word, look it up!  🙂

I was going to wait until Macworld to see if the x86 iBook was announced but a number of things are coming together to make it happen now.  This thing is getting slow, especially on bootup.  More importantly, I discovered that MSFT released a new version of Vista in December and the reviews are very positive, especially in regards to stability.  So, I’m going to be dual booting Vista and XP with the intention of Vista being the main OS for a while.  If it turns out to be really horrible I’ll just go back to XP and make the Vista partition a data drive.

So, I’m making this list of “things” I need to do to a fresh install so I don’t forget anything important.  Those of you that are not me can use this as a list of how to properly set up a laptop!  Har!

Firefox, With Extensions:Adblock w/blocklist, Bookmarks Synchronizer, Performancing, Spellbound Development
Adobe Acrobat
Putty, wconsd
Tera Term Pro Web
3com’s 3CDaemon
Cisco VPN Client, migrate .pcf files
DVD Decoder
Google Earth
VLC Media Player
Angry Ip Scanner

That’s all of the apps I can think of at the moment.  There are some other things that I tweak though.

Save the rasphone.pbk file from C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftNetworkConnectionsPbk
Pick through “My Documents” and move the Virtual Machines
Put Putty in the path statement
Transfer Putty settings from the registry

Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into it.  Several of the programs listed here require some level of configuration.  For
instance, the Bookmark Sync.  I’ll come back to this and edit it if I can think of anything else.

I got the Urge…???

I have the Urge…the Urge to pick on Microsoft again. What a lame name for a music service. I can just imagine the marketing genius that came up with that name is related to the one that designed the overly cluttered Windows commercials they’re running now. “I have the Urge to download music”…”I have the Urge to get the latest Britney Spears”… Prepare to be swamped by Urges for popcorn!

I want to say I hope the service is good because it’ll foster competition and grow the market for downloadable music. But what I’m really thinking is that iTunes will continue to clean their clocks.

One positive could be the pricing scheme MSFT goes with. I believe I saw that they will be doing multiple levels which will probably push Apple to finally implement the same. Why’s that a good thing? I truly hope the latest Top 40 garbage gets priced at $5 a song and all of the stuff I listen to will drop in price. The reality is the cheapest songs will probably still be around $1. *sigh*

“the rapture for nerds,”

Glenn Reynolds over on refers to hearing the Singularity dismissed as such. That got a chuckle from me. I was listening to this WEEK in TECH this morning and the Singularity was one of the things they discussed. This is something that’s always fascinated me as I’m not sure where my beliefs fall. Kind of funny to talk about beliefs when you’re discussing robots. But that’s really what it is. Do you believe a machine can have a soul, or can it only emulate one. What is a soul. Does it matter? To me, these are key questions in figuring out who will be in charge once a machine becomes self aware. If nothing else, the next twenty years will be very interesting.