Telegraf mixed SNMP config

Following my previous post about Grafana, once everything is installed you’ll want to capture some data.  Otherwise, what’s the point.  Telegraf is a data gathering tool made by Influxdata.  It’s stupid simple to get working with InfluxDB.  After following the previous script, go to /etc/telegraf/ and edit telegraf.conf.  Near the top is the Output Plugins […]

Grafana on Ubuntu 16.04…easy, I think

Just went through setting up Grafana on Ubuntu 16.04 and thought I would grab the steps I went through.  I’m using a combination of Telegraf and some custom remote scripts to get data into InfluxDB. curl -sL | sudo apt-key add – source /etc/lsb-release echo “deb${DISTRIB_ID,,} ${DISTRIB_CODENAME} stable” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/influxdb.list sudo […]

Grafana, Telegraf, Smokeping, oh my…

So, I’ve been working on something.  I keep seeing all of these very nice home lab dashboards on /r/homelab and I thought it would be useful to create one for myself.  I present to you, my home dashboard, which is hanging in the kitchen on an old iPad we weren’t using: Getting to this point […]

Nutanix CE is operational

I’ve been running on a Nutanix CE install for about a month now.  With the November release they added some much needed GUI controls for the image service.  You can now import ISOs for install images, without having to fiddle with CLI stuff. I’ve had virtually no problems, and the VMs are performing well.  If […]

Nutanix CE challenges

The Nutanix install has been moving along.  I would not say it’s ready for more than lab use, but it’s getting there.  I’m setting up a 3 node cluster, and one of the nodes, which has an Intel motherboard, kept throwing a generic error about not being able to find the sysinfo.  Thanks to the […]

Nutanix in the house

About 2 months ago released a free software only version of their magic, called Community Edition.  I got on the list for this as quickly as I could, but I haven’t been able to install it until now.  See, I wanted to have an actually cluster, what the call RF2 (Redundancy Factor), which would […]

Ubuntu 14.04 and Xenserver 6.2 problems

I’ve had my Plex Media Server running on Ubuntu 12.04 on XS 6.2 for a while now.  It recently started nagging me to upgrade to 14.04.  Didn’t see a reason not to do this, but I also didn’t do much digging to see if there were known issues.  Turns out, 14.04 is not a “supported” […]

XenServer 6 and Unraid NFS…I gave up

I actually did this a little while ago and forgot to post about it.  I could not get NFS to work between XenServer and Unraid.  So, I scrounged up some hardware and punted.  I installed OpenFiler and iSCSI. And it worked. Angels sang.  Rainbows shone.  Something about unicorns… It’s been working great.  I just have […]

Not so fast….back to XenServer

Just…can’t…get…it…to…work.  So, I’m going to try XenServer free again and ask for help at the support forums for both Citrix and Unraid.  I managed to get noac to populate into the NFS settings but lookupcache=none isn’t taking.  There are other settings in there and I’m wondering if they’re getting in the way.  I have to […]

XenServer 6.2 free, bye, bye … hello Xen!

Despite my best efforts I couldn’t maintain a stable NFS connection for the network share to Unraid.  I’ve decided to bag it and try building a Xen hypervisor up from an Ubuntu install.  It looks like XenCenter should still be able to manage it so I should be able to take advantage of the slightly […]