Cisco 7945G and SIP with Asterisk

I’ve been trying to get a 7945 with SIP to work with Asterisk and it just doesn’t want to register. Turns out the SIP load of 9.2.1 is broken, at least for asterisk. I’ve reverted to 8.5.4 and it seems to be working now. I figured this out by downloading the log from the phone, […]

Yes! Sandy Bridge free ESXi Hypervisor with VT-d is a go!

Everything’s working great so far with a few exceptions I can live with. I have 5 VM’s running, mostly lightweight stuff, including my security camera system. For that I’m using Win XP and feeding the PV-149 CCTV capture card through via VT-d. Video streaming from BlueIris is working just fine and I also have PIAF […]

More on the Nortel 1535

Got PIAF purple installed and patched over the weekend. Setting up two of the 1535s to register and do video calling was pretty trivial. There’s a little bit of lag in the video but it’s not too bad. I also called the test numbers and there was no problem with the audio quality. Nice and […]

PIAF, VirtualBox and the Nortel 1535 phone

Wow, it’s been a while. I scored some of the Nortel IP 1535’s thanks to NerdVittles and this gives me a good opportunity to try to upgrade my Asterisk system to the latest and greatest version. Naturally I want to go with PIAF and they just patched to Asterisk 1.8. I’ve considered using the Incredible […]

GarageBand, Podcasting and GTalk

Well, I guess I better get a post in for the month of November. Ugh, it’s been a long month. Anyway, fiddling with free podcasting tools and methods and I discovered some updates in Snow Leopard that are pretty cool. I little while ago on Leopard I found out that with iLife 09 you could […]

Google and voice…and video….and IM

There’s been a lot of noise lately about AT&T and Apple and Google not playing nice together. The latest is AT&T carrying on about Google Voice blocking rural numbers because their costs are so much higher. Ok, that’s kind of crappy, but it’s just a red herring. AT&T is making a fuss over this because […]

Arc Solutions takes it personally…

I can’t say I blame them. I’m sure there are some very qualified programmers at Arc that are proud of their product. My experience was less than stellar. So, here’s what I’ll offer. It seems there might be a new version out. I’ll try a demo copy on a fresh WinXP install if they will […]

Arc Express comments

Bennie from Arc found my blog and wrote a couple of comments on this post. I started writing a response but it got a bit lengthy for a comment so I decided to throw it into a new post: Bennie, thanks for responding. That install was almost half a year ago. Ancient history! 🙂 Regarding […]

Broadcast ringing on Trixbox

I’m not bringing this up because it’s something new…but rather because it took Cisco ages to add this to their least expensive voice solution, the CME. I have an inbound SIP trunk set up with Vitelity for my business. It comes right into the same system that’s running the home phones. It’s so nice to […]