Cisco AnyConnect Essentials still crushing it

Seems my original post about the AnyConnect Essentials license is still quite popular. So why not capitalize on that! 🙂 The license does work as advertised. It’s a replacement for the IPSEC based client that Cisco seems to have stopped development on. I’ve been using it in numerous situations and it works great! I just […]

Checkpoint doesn’t support Proxy-Arp???

Say whaaaatttt???????? Ok, so you have a Checkpoint firewall with a whole lotta NATed addresses. The router won’t find these NATed addresses though unless you go through a painful procedure to enable proxy-arp on the Checkpoint or you have to add static host entries to the router pointing to the interface IP on the Checkpoint. […]

Cisco IPS doesn’t like ICMP redirects

I’ve been trying to figure out why a pair of Cisco IPS (AIP-SSM in this case) wouldn’t auto-update signature files or connect to the new Global Correlation feature. The management interfaces were located on a subnet that was between the firewall and the internal L3 switch. The internal LAN’s are on the other side of […]

Blue Iris for video security

Zoneminder, argh. I’m not sure how much time I’ve put into getting Zoneminder to work but it’s a lot. There’s just something about it that confounds me, whether it’s because of the underlying OS or hardware problems…Zoneminder seems to be the typical open source linux app. Very capable, ugly as sin and exceedingly difficult to […]

If falls over, does it make a sound in the media?

I’m mystified as to how can go down worldwide for 2+ hours during business hours and there is virtually nothing in the news about it. I managed to find this reference in the Register. Not surprising as the outage hit the UK in the middle of the day. I’ve not found any other comments. […]

Cisco AnyConnect Essentials

I recently discovered this new Cisco AnyConnect Essentials license being touted for the 8.2 code for ASAs. It took me a little while to parse through the cryptic description on Cisco’s site but it seems that you can now get client based SSL for a couple hundres $$’s depending on the ASA model. That’s up […]

NorcoTeck RPC-450 install

I didn’t see much in the way of review info on the NORCO RPC-450 4U Rackmount Server Case .  On top of that, the pics almost always showed a microATX motherboard installed, which was nice for having lots of room left.  However, I had an Extended ATX or EEB motherboard that I wanted to get […]

I hate java.

I might have mentioned that before.  In case I didn’t…I hate java.  Now, today’s issue didn’t come directly because of java but it was the result, and an obscure one at that. I’ve been struggling with a client issue that basically boiled down to slow or non-responsive websites that were passing through IOS firewalls.  Most […]

iPhone VPN and Cisco IOS

I had quite a bit of trouble getting this to work the other day.  After some googling I came across this thread over on  I had matched up the config he had listed just by chance because I was also enabling an L2L VPN.  However, I still couldn’t get it to work.  The trick […]