The Rocket!

Chillin out reading my copy of Ultimate Garages today I came across a car in Jay Leno’s garage.  A little red thing that kind of looked like an older F1 car but had modern gear.  Unfortunately there’s no mention of what it is in the book!  A little digging and I present you with the […]

Reading the signals – part 2

Well, that was quick! The hazard flasher does work perfectly. I’ve updated the diagram to reflect the new design. I just had the thought that I’ll probably be able to elminate some more cable by running the wires coming from the switches through the bus bar as well. I’ll save that for the final dash […]

Reading the signals

Spent a good part of the weekend hooking up the turn signals and the hazards.  I was a bit worried about making sure I was thinking straight so I did this diagram in visio real quick.  I missed a couple of things so I’ll be posting a “finish” diagram later.  Notably, using a DPST for […]

Major milestone

Last night I reached what I consider a major milestone with the Cobra.  I plugged the wiring harness’ back in after finishing the trimming.  It didn’t start on the first try but it did on the second!  Idled kind of rough but I suspect that’s because I didn’t tighten things down, like the battery terminals, […]

Wire diet, Part 2

I’m almost done with the wire diet.  I’ve trimmed out everything except about half of the dash harness.  That one’s taking a bit longer as I’m trying to be careful not to cut something important.  All of the harness were pretty simple with the exception of the dash.  The dash hasn’t been bad so far, […]


Amazingly enough, this is not a post about how I plan on working on the cobra soon.  I’ve actually worked on it this time!  Over the weekend I tagged and removed all of the wiring, moved the body back onto the frame, set up a 4×8 sheet of plywood as a table and started stripping […]

Cobra update

Yeah…not much to report.  The garage has been far too cold to want to work out there.  Wiring is on my short list.  About another month or two of around the house work and I hope to dig into it. Anyway…things aren’t dead here.  Just slow moving as they’ve always been.

Jeep M/C

It’s been a while since the last post but that’s not because I haven’t been doing anything. I got the Jeep M/C and installed it. Also installed the Wilwood proportioning valve for the rear line. I had to adjust the valve once but now the brakes are much better. The fronts lock first. I think […]

Still mushy

I bled the brakes again today, and again, it feels mushy. Seems to get more so after a couple of trips up and down the driveway. I hesitant to take into into the street until I can get this resolved. Bummer. There’s certainly other stuff I can work on, such as aluminum, wiring dash/gauges, more […]

Power steering

I’ve made a number of changes since last year. I decided to go with power steering. I was a little concerned about the difficulty of turning the stock de-powered rack. I had been considering getting a remanufactured rack from Autozone. I just decided that I would try the power pump first as I still had […]