What a weekend…I expected it to be relatively quiet. Ended up finding a potential donor in NJ Saturday morning. I’ve been looking for a donor for months without much luck. Any time I’ve come close it’s been ripped from me at the last moment. I didn’t want to let that happen this time. I called up Jeremy to see if he could go along with me. I ended up screwing up his day…sorry man. The car is rough on the body…real rough…but the engine and transmission seemed to be in good order. It looks like it’s a done deal. I should be hearing from the owner tomorrow to verify there’s no lien, then he’s delivering it to me! Hopefully I’ll have a donor by the end of the week! What I thought would be a two hour trip each way ended up being 3 hours. The whole day was basically shot.

I got home to find out the Jacob had been a real pill and Ang was worn out. So we decided to go for a drive. Partly to get Ang out of the house and partly to get Jacob to finally sleep. We decided to go take a drive through one of the expensive neighborhoods nearby. On our way there I hit a deer with the Blazer. The whole thing is a blur. I remember cresting a small rise and seeing the deer. I hit the brakes hoping it would stay or head the other direction. Of course it had to decide to run right in front of me and that was it. I found the deer in the ditch on the side of the road later. After a bit I went back to look and it was gone, run off into the woods I suppose. The Blazer looks kind of brutalized. We’re going to need a new hood, headlights, radiator and front grill. Probably the right quarter panel too. I couldn’t get the hood up so I’m not sure if there’s more damage in the engine bay. You can see pics here. If that’s all we’ll be pretty lucky. I’m just glad I didn’t catch it on a leap and have it come through the windshield.

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