Finally got to some cleaning today.  If today is any indication, the cleanup process will take longer than I’d like.  Hopefully everyone is right in that getting to the go-cart stage is quick.  Most of what I did today was disassemble the front arms and start on getting the driveshaft off the rear-end.  The driveshaft is proving troublesome as I was only able to get two bolts off with the impact hammer.  I sprayed it liberally with Liquid Wrench but nothing.  Hopefully letting it set for a day or two will make the difference.  I also muddled around with the engine a bit.  Took all of the accessories off the front and started looking at disconnecting the vacuum and wiring lines.  I tried to remove the “H.O.” cover off the upper manifold and in the process destroyed two torx bits!!!  Argh!  Sprayed them with Liquid Wrench also and I’ll give them a couple of days to soak in.  Looks like cleaning will take a couple of weeks.

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