Put on a number of aluminum panels over the weekend.  Rivets, rivets and more rivets!  And I’m sure I’m not even halfway through the rivets.  Got the f-panels and the floor installed.  The floors were kind of difficult because of their odd shape.  It was difficult to find a good place to pre-drill the holes in the aluminum.  Still, it’s starting to look like a real kit now!  Also got the steering rack in.  The tie-rods don’t want to budge so I sprayed some Gunk on them.  Hopefully in a day or two they will loosen up.  Spent time cleaning parts including the rack, master cylinder and the brake distribution block.  I’ve still got a number of things to do before I dive into cleaning the engine.  Of immediate concern is getting a bushing for the front control arm.  I also need to go ahead and buy the disks for the front if I’m going to do that.  Trying to decide on new tires.  I’m really leaning towards some cheap tires to run on the beat up rims I have.  That would buy me a year or so before upgrading the rims and tires.  I could have a roller by next weekend if I make those things happen.

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