RaqBuntu lives!

After trying to be smart about it and figure out my own way to get Ubuntu 8.04 on the RAQ3 I decided to just suck it up and follow others leads.  So, I followed Jim Tuttle’s site about getting Ubuntu 6.06 on his Qube.  The Qube and Raq are very similar as far as I can tell so I thought I would have some success with this.  I combined this with Tim Wiley’s instructions for building a fresher kernel.  Success!  At this point I had a working Ubuntu 6.06 install.

So, I crossed my fingers and used upgrade-manager to bring it to 8.04.  The first time I ran it it timed out on one of the mirrors.  That was a little scary but it looked like it probably recovered ok from it so I tried the same thing again.  Success!  Almost seemed too easy.  After some time it asked if I wanted to remove obsolete apps so I did and then asked to reboot, which I did.  Came right back up and showed 8.04 and the uname -r still showed my custom kernel.


I haven’t really put any time on the box yet so I don’t know how it’ll perform but it looks pretty stable right now.  I’m going to try to clone the drive to the RAQ3i drive so I don’t have to go through the rather lengthy process again.  It all works but it’s hours long.  Kernel compiling on the RAQ isn’t what I’d call a snappy process.

More later once I get Asterisk up and running.

5 thoughts on “RaqBuntu lives!

  1. Hey Scott,

    I’m glad you were able to get Ubuntu on your Cube. I’m sort of surprised that you were able to upgrade to 8.04. I vaguely recall that someone wrote to me about not being able to install 7.04 due to a change in the boot image or something. Anyway, very glad it worked for you and thanks for dropping me a line.

  2. Jim,

    Thanks for dropping the note! I don’t think it makes any difference but these are RAQ3’s not Qubes.

    One thing I found was many comments about not using apt-get dist-upgrade. Apparently it’s less thorough about the upgrade than upgrade-manager.

    Anyway, more posts later as I actually start to use these things and see if they are working properly.

  3. Scott, have you had a chance to make a RAQ image that you are willing to put up and share? I also have 2 RAQ3’s I’d love to run ubuntu on.




  4. Dickie, nope. I’ve had both Raq’s in my rack for a couple of months now. In that time I had the 3i running as an IPCOP firewall. It worked ok but wasn’t that good. I think mine had a bad firmware because I could never get it to boot properly without helping it with the rommon commands. I also think I had some performance issues.

    The other Raq I tried hard to get Asterisk running properly on it but I ran into some problems and performance issues. Compounding that with the lengthy re-image process and it just wasn’t worth my time.

    Long story short, I’ll be pulling the Raq’s out and trying to sell them in the next month or so.

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