Maybe not.  After poking around to find a way to recompile the AsteriskNow kernel I gave up.  rPath has a rather convoluted way (to the neophyte) of managing kernels.  So, I figured, let’s try Ubuntu following the instructions for getting Debian 3.1 to work.  I’m able to get it to Boot From Network and I can see it mounting the NFSRoot.  However, it always fails immediately with:

FATAL: kernel toKernel panic: Attempted to kill init!
o old

I’ve been looking around and haven’t found an answer to that yet.  Something would seem to be buggered in the server side nfsroot.  I did find a french page that had the exact same problem and the guy punted and installed Debian 3.1 instead.  I might fiddle with this some more but that’s probably what I’ll do too.

I knew this would be a bit of a challenge but I wasn’t expecting it to be this hard.

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