Kevin Rose has finally taken some time from Digg and done a new episode of Systm. If you aren’t familiar with Systm it’s a geeky tech show put out by a former TechTV guy. This one’s about one of my favorite programs that I don’t get to play with enough, Asterisk (or * if you like).

Although I’m focusing on Cisco’s CallManager these days for career reasons, Asterisk is pretty compelling. It’s been out for a few years but it’s really just gotten going over the last year. Expect to hear a lot about Asterisk making inroads into the low end of the market over the next year or two. It’s not that it’s not capable of being a robust, large scale system. It’s just that the mom and pop shops are a bit more cost conscious about phone systems.

I believe I referenced * in a previous post. I used it for a while as a SIP gateway between the CallManager system in my house and Broadvoice. Aside from problems with Broadvoice it worked great.

If someone can find a way to take the base of * and put a front end on it so simple to use that my mom could figure it out… 🙂

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