Amazingly enough, this is not a post about how I plan on working on the cobra soon.  I’ve actually worked on it this time!  Over the weekend I tagged and removed all of the wiring, moved the body back onto the frame, set up a 4×8 sheet of plywood as a table and started stripping the front harness.

Also drove down to Stephen’s to pick up some wiring diagrams he had.  I’m not completely oriented yet, but I’m starting to understand it better.

This seems like a part I can really wrap my head around.  I’m looking forward to stripping out what I don’t need and cleaning it up real nice.  I’ll have to be careful to be methodical, but the end result should be a much cleaner, more straight forward harness.

Just with the front headlight harness I’ll be removing the fog lamps.  I was considering reusing that wire for the fan but I think I’m going to get a thermostat instead.  I’m all about eliminating failure points, such as me forgetting to flip the fan switch on because I didn’t notice the gauge reading hot!

I’ve got a lot of little things to figure out, such as where to put the battery cut off, but I’m looking forward to it.

With the weather the way it is, I’m excited about getting this thing done.  Nothing like a couple of 70+ days to make it painful to look at it sitting in the garage.

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