Ok, this one’s for Steve:

I recently set up CallManager 4.1(2) and Unity 4.0 at home. I have a Cisco 1760-V with an FXO that I’m using as my PSTN gateway. I’ll cover connection of the router to the CallManager in another post. After I got that working I setup Asterisk using the Asterisk@Home ISO. First tested it by configuring a couple of X-Ten Lite softphones. I’ll also save connection of Asterisk to CM for a later post. I was then able to dial from a softphone to a Cisco phone and back. Not a big deal.

Ok, why run Asterisk if I have CallManager working just fine? I wanted to use a service like Vonage but not have to get an ATA from them. There are a number of companies out there that provide VoIP with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plans available. After looking around a bit I chose BroadVoice. BV offers $10 sign up for BYOD and a “Lite” plan for $6/month. I only get 100 minutes outbound with that but it’ll be good for testing.

The nitty gritty. BV has a sample Asterisk configuration on their website but I found it to be…lacking. It’s not clear what the password should be. (side note, I just looked at the instructions again and they must have updated them in the last few days. It’s much better now but still not as clear as it needs to be.) Once you are a member of BV there is a section in the account portal, account tab, “Your Devices”. Clicking on this device will show a sample config with your info plugged in…the “auth_password” is what you need for Asterisk. Once you have that, you need to set up the sip.conf file like mine here:


port = 5060 ; Port to bind to (SIP is 5060)
bindaddr = ; Address to bind to (all addresses on machine)
;context = from-broadvoice ; Send BV SIP callers to this context
;callerid = Unknown
register => 443430YYYY@sip.broadvoice.com:XXXXXXX:443430YYYY@sip.broadvoice.com/ZZZZ
externip = brookehouse.homedns.org

;Disable canreinvite if you are behind a NAT

The XXXXXX’s are the “auth_password” from before and the ;’s are commented lines. For some reason the order of the lines is important. I struggled with that little trick for quite a while. Of course, configuration of the dial-plan is still necessary but it should be connected to BV at that point. The YYY’s and ZZZ’s are just to hide some stuff for posting to the Internet

More CallManager caveats to come…

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