As a fan of flavorful beer I often find myself facing stares of revulsion when I’m enjoying a nice glass of Guinness. What few people realize is that “dark” isn’t supposed to mean harsh, bitter or high in alcohol content. Found this great article:

All you doubters should read it! You know who you are!

Cisco ISR G2’s on the way

I’ve gotten a look at a powerpoint with the technical details now. Nothing too earth shattering. More of a natural progression of capabilities and performance.

I’m such a geek. The one cool new feature is that they have finally put in a USB console port. Actually mini USB. I’m not sure of the wisdom of using that over the already present regular USB ports, but that’s ok. I can’t find anything about how that’s going to work. I expect you’ll have to install a driver for USB to COM on windows just like you do with the USB to Serial dongles but this should be Cisco provided.

How cool would it be if there’s a hidden driver for that in Windows 7 already.

Now all we need is a wireless USB KVM and you could manage a whole data center of routers without running more cables. Better have some good security on that!