Vista and Cisco’s Anyconnect client

Discovered tonight that Cisco’s Anyconnect SSL VPN client when used in Vista must be doing something with TLS instead of pure SSL.  How do I know this?

Had a Vista PC that could log into one ASA just fine but would always bomb on another.  It would fail with something like the “SSL Engine has failed”.  I finally discovered the difference between the ASA’s.

The failing one had “ssl server-version sslv3”.  This effectively limited it to SSLv2 startup and SSLv3 running.  Or the other way around, can’t remember.  By switching it to “ssl server-version all” it began working.  There’s an option for making it TLS only as well but I don’t know if that would break the XP installations out there.


I’ve found that one of my biggest reasons for not posting is that it’s not easy. Well, I’m trying out WordPressDash now so we’ll see if that makes a difference.


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 Trends in purchasing habits.

The first graph is kind of interesting for the last column.  But not terribly surprising either.

The second graph is simply amazing.  The adoption rate of new trends changed completely after the Color TV.  Look at a graph like that and tell me you can’t understand why the elderly generally have a hard time adapting to new trends and technologies.  I think it would be even more fascinating to extrapolate that over the last 1000 years or so.  My guess is that the pattern would be consistent going back.

Incredible times we live in.  What trend will push that graph even tighter?  And will it arrive in 5 years or 50 years?